[2020] Yo estuve allí
[2019] Jeu de mains: ︎︎︎
[2019] Caparol-Capaplex
[2018] Woods
[2018] Ce qu’il y a de plus profond (...)
[2017] #FFFFFF

(1) Pierre, oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm.
(2) Ciseaux, oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm.
(3) Papier, oil on canvas,  70 x 100 cm.


Jeu de mains (Hand game, 2019) is a series of works which refers to the almost universal game where each player simultaneously brings up a shape from a hidden hand. This shapes are pierre (rock), papier (paper) and ciseaux (scissors), representing a endless circle of actions and oppositions. This three paintings are also a little game of shapes and dichotomous formal concepts such us “organic/ geometric”, “hard/ soft” or “solid/ fluid”.