[2019] Caparol-Capaplex 
[2018] Woods
[2018] Ce qu’il y a de plus profond (...)
[2017] #FFFFFF

(1) Ce qu’il y a de plus profound (..), print on canvas, plastic chair and artificial glass, view from the exhibition Deux vermouths ne font jamais mal curated by Marion Delague.
(2) Detail of the piece.
(3) Studio view, February 2018.

Ce qu’il y a de plus profound (…) it’s the first part of a famous verse by Paul Valéry which concludes that the deepest thing is the skin, this is, the surface. This piece explores the plastic and aesthetic potential of a phenomenological approach based on perception.




We see the image of a plastic chair printed on a canvas, laying on the chair itself. As flexible matter, the canvas sinks into the chair, becoming another skin. This superficial level of perception is neither trivial nor meaningless; on the contrary, it illustrates a crucial moment for the comprehension of a daily object as a pure aesthetic intuition.