[2019] Caparol-Capaplex
[2018] Woods
[2018] Ce qu’il y a de plus profond (...)
[2017] #FFFFF

(1) #ffd8dc, oil on panel, 116 x 65 cm.
(2) Image being processed with TextEdit and 0xED.
(3) Digital colours studies, oil on panel 24 x 29 cm each.
(4) Texts VI, typewriter drawing.
(5) #a4b8c3, oil on panel, 116 x 73.

#FFFFFF is the hexadecimal HTML code for the colour white. It is the combination of the three primary colours at their maximum intensity on our screens. It is a colour formed by light not by pigment and part of a spectrum cannot be attained with the colours used in painting.


#FFFFFF is a series of works based on the relationship between digital images and painting. By analysing materials within the different mediums, I attempt to discover ways of translating digital images into painting via sound and text.